Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Friday!

We have completed breakfast and are all packed and ready to come home! Many kids have mixed feelings about leaving. They are glad to be coming home, but sad they are leaving such a great place and experience. See you soon Rowley! That's all folks....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Last Night Eco-Quest

What a night! The kids ate salad, bread, wild rice, and chicken with broccoli...and of course after a dessert quiz they had chocolate cake. Their last evening lesson they were on an Eco-Quest. They had to use their new skills and knowledge that they gained this week to solve a riddle. The groups were all successful in this endeavor and had a good time coming to their conclusion. We then gathered together to create an indoor thunderstorm, followed by a song titled, "Nothing out there is going to eat you!" They are in bed resting for our last day tomorrow. I will try one last post after breakfast, and we will be back in Rowley between 1:30 and 2:00. Good night for now.

Beach and Dunes or Forest Lessons

For lunch today, the kids enjoyed salad, potato soup, and pizza. This afternoon, those students who went to the beach yesterday went to the forest, and those that had their forest lesson learned about beach and dunes today. It was a beautiful day to build the White Mountains and create the Saco River that carries the sand to create Ferry Beach. The students also learned how seasons affect the shifting sands and the impact the jetty plays. Back at the forest, the kids played a game to learn how different squirrels (red vs. gray) adapt and prepare for winter. Students also learned the ingredients of soil. Now they are on free time and are very active! They will be tired when we return tomorrow.

Student Choice Lessons

Today students had different choices of lessons they could sign up for. Some choices included a hike to the State Park, Beach Engineers, Beach Zen Gardens, Nature Games, Nature Art, Saltwater watercolors, and my personal favorite...The Ferry Beach Spa! The kids had a great time in these activities and they continue to smile!

Happy Birthday Ricky!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We are over the Hump!

It has been another busy day here at Ferry Beach. At supper, the kids enjoyed salad, bread, mixed vegetables, and pulled barbeque pork. One team had their Astronomy lesson, while the other team did Nature at Night. The beach lit up again this evening when the kids scraped the sand looking for dinoflagellates. The kids are in bed, asleep, resting up for our final full day here. Good night.

Beach Day

The beautiful fall weather continues and it was perfect for the beach. The team I joined this afternoon learned all about this ecosystem and how it was created. Some groups created the White Mountains and the Saco River that brings the sand to create Ferry Beach. Other activities included digging like a clam and trying to bury yourself fast enough so a predator cannot grab you. Most groups finished up with a scavenger hunt or a skit. The kids are energetic and enjoying the outdoors. (There are a few pictures at the end from the saltmarsh)